The Crane Comes Today!

Day 9_Ready for the Crane_28Jun16

The barn hasn’t looked like this since late November, 1889.

Mathew Hall Lumber, also founded in 1889, provided the materials for the barn. Mathew Hall’s Great-grandson John Hall was able to find the original hand-written ledger entry on page 65 dated November 5th, 1889 for Joseph Schellinger for $106.51 with a discount for paying cash.

Today the crane comes to lower the bent sections of the frame onto the ground where it can be safely disassembled.

From there it will be stored while we finalize plans for putting it back up at the Avon Hills Folk School to provide inspiring programming space with a tangible link to our local history.

 If you’ve thought about helping NOW would be the time. Friday and Saturday morning will be consumed with the necessary clean-up and organizing of the site.

A big thank you to those that have been able to help so far.


– Chris

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