The First Floor is Up!

Big thanks to those who came to “raise the walls”.

The heat and bugs did not deter the volunteers who arrived just in time – TWICE – to lift up the three completed bents (kind of like walls, but a timber framing term and actually they connect the walls of the timber frame).

Suffice it to say they are heavy and you only get one “shot” at manually raising them into place. We had help from the Big Fish Lake “Johnson” crew and an assortment of other neighbors from Collegeville – and even a neighbor from “out west” in Farming township.

Project foreman Smith was cracking the whip and had us focused to make sure we got all the walls up.

Later in the week my brother joined us and we lifted the C wall into place – completing the first floor walls and bents.

We are still shooting for having this beautiful structure enclosed before the snow flies. Then we will be looking to interior finishes AND shopping for a new evaporator for the Maple Syrup operation.

Look for opportunities to carry buckets and firewood in the coming years! We’ll make sure we send you home with something sweet for your pancakes!

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