Sugar Shack Update

The frame is up and the roof is “dried in” and waiting for spring

Winter will be spent finalizing the plans for the exterior elevations and final decisions on the metal roofing. To include finding it! The frame of the Sugar Shack is a traditional timber frame with the timbers being Basswood from the land surrounding the location of the shack.

We also were able to reach back in time and re-purpose material from the 1889 Undersander Barn that we took down this summer. If you’ll recall this barn was the first structure built by my great-great grandfather Joseph Schellinger upon landing in Stearns county from Wisconsin. We used two pieces of Douglas Fir for a pediment/bridge to carry the scarf joint on the two 24 foot long wall plates. In addition we used some of the 12″ wide barn siding for the roof sheathing on the 12/12 pitch gable roof.


In the spring we’ll frame door and window openings and put on the board on board Basswood siding and let it weather grey. Volunteers will be welcome and NEEDED! Stay tuned for a schedule.

We are hopeful that late winter 2018 will see the first batch of maple syrup made in the new Sugar Shack!

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