Ready or not, here comes 2017!

What will 2017 have in store for the Avon Hills Folk School? Or maybe a more accurate question is, what do we have planned for the Avon Hills Folk School in 2017?

Instead of Carpe Diem we are planning to Seize the Year in 2017 and make great strides in the birth and growth of the Avon Hills Folk School.

There is MUCH to do! Far more than will likely be possible but we’re going to take a good run at it. Below is an abbreviated list of what we hope to see in 2017:

Achieve 501c3 status in the eyes of the IRS: AHFS will need significant financial support and much of that will not be possible without this status.

Offer our first classes in late Winter or Early spring of 2017: Let us know what you’d like to see. Some possible early classes are: Outdoor Photography with Tony and Pat Peroutky, Timber Framing – learn to build the Bread Oven Shelter; Bread Oven Basics: Learn to build a bread oven in your own backyard; Backyard Beekeeping; Fly Tying Basics and an introduction to fly fishing; Wood carving; Chainsaw safety and tree felling techniques and many more possibilities.

Calling All Instructors! Do you have a skill, passion that you’d like to share? Let us know – we’d love to consider including what you have to offer in our first year of classes.

Hand Camp 2017: Back to AHFS for it’s second year and this year Spring and Fall. Join us for three days of learning hands-on skills amid the natural beauty of the Avon Hills. Participate in the shared hospitality of evening meals and an evening fire to gather around. You may come for the day or camp all three days. Space is limited so watch soon for dates and a list of available classes.

Complete the Sugar Shack: The structure is up, but we’ve got A LOT of work to do if we’re going to be ready to cook sap in 2018. Look for dates to volunteer to: put on the siding, put on the roofing, complete the interior finishes and maybe even split and stack some fire wood!

Finalize plans for the raising of the 1889 Undersander Barn: This fully timber-framed barn built by Joseph Schellinger for John Undersander will be re-raised at AHFS. When you ask? Well in 2018 we hope! We’ve secured space to work on the timbers, currently stored at Mathew Hall Lumber – thanks! Next will be the drawing up of plans and securing the material to complete the project, along with the 127 year old timbers.

Empty out the shed and prepare for a remodel: The two story building which will house much of the programming and classroom space needs to be cleaned out so we can get it ready to remodel and finish into classroom space. Volunteer opportunities abound!

Volunteer opportunities will abound in 2017! Many of the projects listed above will have volunteer needs. A few others are: pulling down the barbed wire fences around the property, clearing and maintaining trails, constructing boardwalks over the wet areas of the trails, bridges over the rill (don’t know what a rill is … come and see for yourself),

Please plan to join us in 2017! And if you come please be sure to bring a friend! Avon Hills Folk School will need many friends!

Cheers to you and yours and wishing BIG things for all of us in 2017!

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