Spring Break in Collegeville!

Join Us March 11-19th!

Can’t afford the airfare? No swimsuits to wear? Nowhere to go? Need ideas for Spring Break this year?

Join me at the Avon Hills Folk School for Spring Cleaning. We are getting ready for our first classes in 2017. There is plenty to do, indoors and out. From hauling all manner of “stuff” out of buildings, to pulling down old chicken coops to wrapping up barbed wire if you want to get outdoors. And much more! We’ve got it all.

I can’t promise you money, but I can promise that you will . . .

… sleep well when you get home.

I’ll make sure there is enough for you to do so you can put in an honest day’s work and work muscles you maybe haven’t worked in a while. You’ll be able to spend time outside and skip the gym that week.

… have first crack at items we’ll be selling this spring.

In order to make room we’ll be having an Estate Sale this spring. If you’re here for Spring cleaning you’ll get first dibs! You snooze, you lose! J

… possibly take some Maple Syrup home?

There is a better than average chance the sap will be running. Along with the gulag style work of the week we may also be emptying sap buckets into the old sap cooker. Hopefully the 40-year old cooker is experiencing it’s last syrup season. Next year we hope to have a new cooker in the new sugar shack.

… be able to check the creek for fish!

It will be that time of year when the Northerns, Walleye, and Suckers make their spawning run up Spunk Brook from Upper Spunk. This is always a highlight to see these fish make their annual run.

… take part in one or more meals.

We’ll likely prepare some meals together- maybe even an outdoor hotdog roast, which is a tradition this time of year in the sugar bush.

… get in on the ground floor of the Avon Hills Folk School.

You can say, years from now, that you were there when it all started. We need community to come together and help make this everyone’s experience, school and special place. Join us this spring and make it yours!

Contact me to let me know if you are interested: chris.schellinger@gmail.com

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