Hand Camp for Kids – June 10, 2017

Come join us for Kids Hand Camp! The classes offered at Hand Camp are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your child learning new crafting skills. (Each child must be accompanied by a parent or adult).

There will be hands on skills taught in each class. Kids 7 and up would be best suited for this event.

Total cost for the day for each Parent/Child Pair, together is $100. (If you have more than one child that you would like to attend, it will be an additional $40/child and they must take the same courses as their adult).

For more information and to register please go to: https://www.handcampmn.com/kids-hand-camp

Check out a few of the classes at Spring 2017 Hand Camp

Water Color Painting with Dan Mondloch

Dan will guide you through a step by step painting of a beautiful Avon hills landscape. Using watercolor, students will learns various techniques for creating texture in skies, water, and trees.

Dan’s website: http://www.danmondloch.com

Making Music with Clay: How to Make an Earthen Flute with Desi Murphy

Ocarinas are ancient ceramic vessel flutes that have been used to make music for over 12,000 years. In this class, you will learn how to create an ocarina from clay. Textures and patterns will be introduced that may be applied to your flute. The instruments will be pit fired on the land using organic material to enhance surface color. After firing, the flutes will be strung with leather cord – perfect for making music around the campfire!

Desi’s website: http://www.desimurphy.com

Woodsy Woodworking with Kate Schiffler

The woods are a great place to let your imagination wander. Keeping your eyes peeled for the perfect crook in tree or bush, and you can make your own slingshot. Carve your own peanut butter spreader, branch hanger, or play dagger from a sapling. You can even find your very own Pet log. Whatever your mind can conjure up from a branch, we will figure out how to make it happen!

Students will be learning some basic carving skills in this class. Participants will be using a small carving knife to remove bark, shave wood, and make notches. The knives are very sharp. We will have a few carving safety gloves on hand, but if you have your own gloves, please bring them along. 10 and up is suggested for this class.

Kate’s website: http://www.oaktreearts.com

Leatherworking with Alex Gomez

Make your own leather project with Alex. She will be teaching basic leatherworking skills including cutting, punching, and stitching your creations. Choose from a variety of small projects and patterns, or try designing your own.

Nature Photography with Jess Jussila

Explore your imagination thru another lens other than your own. The Avon Folk school is set in perfect setting to explore, document and play in. Jess will take campers on a walk thru the landscape discovering nature’s beauty while harnessing concepts of composition, subject matter, vanishing points, framing, rule of thirds and more. Participants will need a camera (does not have to be SLR) and the desire to take a journey of exploration. Photographs of camper’s work will be displayed on the Avon Folk School’s website.

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