Long Time No Blog

So what’s up at the Avon Hills Folk School? Quite a lot actually. This blog will be a bit of a laundry list, so there should be something for everyone.

Non-Profit Application Submitted!

In April we submitted our application to the IRS for our 501(c)(3) status. This would designate us in the eyes of the IRS as a non-profit. Why is this important? Well – the long-term (and short-term) success and viability of the Avon Hills Folk School will be our ability to attract financial support from our members, donors, foundations, etc. Being a non-profit will allow these individuals and entities to have their gifts be tax deductible. We should know sometime in August if we’ve received the designation.

Sugar Shack Gets a Roof

The used metal is ready to install and we should be giving our timber-framed Sugar Shack a roof in the very near future. One step closer to being ready for syrup season … likely 2019. And in the off-season we’re hoping to offer classes in the finer points of distilling whiskey. So if you’re so inclined and able to help, let us know you’d like to teach the class on making whiskey. This would be in the tradition of the moon-shiners who made Minnesota 13 on this property during prohibition.

Sugar Shack
The Sugar Shack eagerly awaiting it’s roof!

Wetlands and Prairie

After a meeting with John from the U.S. Fish and Game Department it looks like we’ll get some help restoring a large wetland on the property as well as several small sections of prairie. Exciting as it would provide significant habitat for wildlife as well as adding to the already rich outdoor experience available.

Fall Hand Camp

We are busy planning our 2nd Annual Hand Camp! Join us for three days of fun, fellowship and of course learning a new craft. This year’s hand camp will be September 22-24. Join us Friday evening for fellowship around the fire. Feel free to camp Friday and Saturday evenings. Saturday will be classes with a group meal, gathering in the evening. Some classes conclude on Sunday morning. For more info and to sign up go to the link: https://www.handcampmn.com/.

This year we’ll offer spoon carving, wood working, weaving, pottery, leather working, painting and more! Hope to see you in September!

Save The Date(s):

Hand Camp 2017: September 22-24, 2017

Bouja – October 14th, 2017. Always the Second Saturday in October! Join us for this annual community event. Enjoy the Schellinger bouja recipe, bring a dessert to share, an instrument to play if you like and plan on exploring the woods while you visit.


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