Hand Camp 2017

You shoulda been there!

We had another great Hand Camp this year. Twenty some folks joined us for the weekend, students and instructors. The weather could have been better, but it could have been a whole lot worse! The rain held off during the daylight hours and did its thing at night.

This year we spread out from the Gazebo to the Shed (upstairs and down) and down the hill, into the woods and in the Sugar Shack to hold our classes.

Classes this year were taught by our able instructors Greta, Darren, Chelsea and Dan. Students were able to learn new skills and gain experience in birchbark weaving, ceramics, leatherwork and kolrosing.

We began Saturday morning (and Sunday for those who camped over) with a group breakfast of Pancakes, Waffles, St. Joe Meat Market Breakfast sausages and Pure Maple Syrup from the Folk School.

Saturday evening, as is tradition, we all gathered for a big meal together. This year we spared the chickens and most everything came from the local garden with the exception of the Andouille Sausage from … you guessed it … the St. Joe Meat Market!.  We finished the meal off with Cathy’s now famous pumpkin bars.

Some folks hung around Sunday morning, went for walks in the woods, along the stream and got a little additional woodworking and wreath making in before departing.

Thank you to the wonderful instructors and all the awesome students!

Join us next year, October- the 5th, 6th and 7th. Come for just one or all three!

Also – remember the Annual Avon Hills Community Bouja Party coming up at the Folk School on Saturday, October 14th – the absolute latest the second Saturday in October can occur. Bring a dessert to share and we’ll see you there!

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