Learn the Art of Timber Framing

Our first Basic Timber Framing Class in April filled up! So we were able to add a second class August 17-19. Class begins Friday, August 17th at 3pm. On the 18th and 19th class will being around 8 or 9am and finish by around 5pm. 

Clark Bremer, experienced Timber Framer and instructor will teach you the history of timber framing and provide you with a working knowledge of the basics. You’ll learn to plan, layout and cut the necessary joinery for a traditional timber frame as you work with others to construct and raise half of a small frame during the class.

Our 2018 project will be a timber framed Sauna/Screened Porch that will be raised on the shores of a remote northern Minnesota lake later this summer (see sketches here and here.)

Classes are limited to 6 to ensure a positive experience. Call or email today to reserve your spot: Chris Schellinger at 320.492.1444 or chris.schellinger@gmail.com


Basic Timber Framing Class Tool list:


  • Carpenters Pencil
  • 20′ Tape Measure.


  • Framing Square (24×16).
  • Combination square.
  • Extension Cord.
  • Heavy-duty 1/2″ drill.
  • 2″ framing chisel
  • Mallet for above
  • Hand Saw – Japanese Pull Saw very useful: http://a.co/2aQl1VA
  • Safety Glasses and Hearing protection


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