Birchbark, leather, wooden spoons and more! Oh my!

Join us at the Avon Hills Folk School for the 3rd Annual Hand Camp September 21st-23rd, 2018.

Campers (no extra fee) will arrive at the 64 acres of hills, woods and stream on Friday late afternoon/evening. Take a stroll around the property and explore the woods, stream and settle in. We will also have a meet and greet around the fire when everyone is settled in. Food is on your own Friday evening.

Wake up or come early for breakfast on Saturday morning. We will be serving up waffles or pancakes with maple syrup made at the Folk School, and breakfast sausage to get your day going. For those camping Saturday night, we’ll have breakfast Sunday morning as well.

All day Saturday there will be classes going on. Each class will take place in a different part of the 64 acres. Instructors will be offering two ½ – day classes, or an allday class. Please check out the classes page at: to find out what we are offering. Everyone will break for lunch, then continue with the learning.

Saturday evening we will have a supper for everyone to enjoy. There will be vegetarian options as well.

Sunday students can work with their instructors to finish up projects. Hang out as long as you like, then head out when you are ready. Breakfast will again be served on Sunday morning if you decide to camp.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Hand Camp_2016_Spoons


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