Creeks Are For Crossing

A crown jewel of the property where the Avon Hills Folk School resides is Spunk Creek. For nearly a half mile the creek meanders through our corner of the Avon Hills. Over and through the rocks of the glacial till left by the glaciers of the last ice age.

As a child (and an adult-child) some of my fondest memories involve Spunk Creek, or as we call it ‘the creek’. Invariably you need to cross the creek, or find a reason to cross the creek. It does not need to be a good reason because as the saying goes, “it’s the journey, not the destination.’ So goes the crossing of the creek. We cross the creek to cross it – not necessarily to get to the other side.

There are numerous logs randomly laying into, across and almost across the creek. In many locations there are stones that seem to provide a way across. Sometimes they do, but often one finds themselves in the middle of the creek without the next stone to step on. There is also a more civilized way to cross where we have three dock sections just below the Shack.

Several weeks ago we added another option by putting in place two large white oak timbers to create a Robin Hood style crossing (look up the Disney version). Neighbor Brian (owner of the timbers) and I utilized many of Archimedes’ principles to get the job done – level, fulcrum, inclined plane and a few others. You can see the results in the photos on our facebook page.

If you are looking for an opportunity to experience the creek, check out the 2019 Hand Camp line-up and register! We hope to see you for a fun filled Friday, Saturday and Sunday: September 20th-22nd. 

There is always lots of good food, good company, classes and, of course, community! Check back as we may add additional classes over the coming weeks.

You will certainly find time between the scheduled fun to find your own place(s) to cross the creek.  

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