Grindbygg Reflections

Last week we held a 6 day course to complete a grindbygg (a unique Norwegian vernacular timber frame building style) that will serve as a shelter for the evaporator we use to make maple syrup. We had lots of fun and hope everyone who participated did as well! We asked two of the participants to share a some thoughts on the class with you all and have included those below.

We want to say a big thank you to the instructor, Peter Henrikson, and all of the participants. Can’t wait to have you back for future classes!

“The class, taught by Peter Henrikson, was incredibly informative and done in a way such that it was both immensely fun and challenging. Peter was a wealth of knowledge, in things pertaining both directly to the class and to timber framing as a whole. I learned and experienced things that I would never have been able to otherwise, whether it be the intricate joinery, or laying out what was required to achieve the end goal. I expect to be able to apply at least some of the principles taught throughout my life. It was an opportunity from which I gained more than I could ever have expected, and would absolutely do again.” – Leo

“When Brian told me about the Grindbygg class I had no idea what I was getting into. I went in with the mindset of ‘It can’t be that hard’, but trust me it really can be. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve done in a long time both physically and mentally. I wasn’t anywhere as good at using an ax and the other tools as I thought I’d be. Personally it was extremely frustrating to struggle. Admittedly the first day was a bit rough and I went home very tired and in a bit of a stubborn mood. 

Overall it was so worth it and I’d totally recommend it to anyone and everyone, though my one piece of advice would be to have lower expectations, go in with an open mind and not assume you’re great at everything (like I did, oops). I learned so much about building, persevering and lots of other fun things like black death axes. The class was interesting and unlike anything I’ve ever done. I met some cool people. We actually completed a structure and that felt like a big accomplishment to me. I’d definitely do it or something similar again.” – Frances

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