Love Woodfired Pizza? Learn how to make it in your own backyard!

This event has been postponed and will be announced for the later half of 2021.

Hey friends, we are excited to announce a fantastic event to add to your calendar! We are welcoming back friend of the school, JD Jorgenson, for an Earthen Oven weekend seminar.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to build an earthen oven and meet some great folks from the community!

Earthen ovens are ancient cooking structures that many of our ancestors used. It’s a fantastic way to tap into our roots and can be a fun way to welcome friends for a celebration.

What can you expect?

Jorgenson invites students to join in a working exploration of earthen ovens. Participants will source clay on site and Jorgenson will guide students through the process of working with raw clay. The workshop will cover harvesting, prepping a site and building an earthen oven. The workshop will culminate in drying the oven and a maiden voyage of making wood-fired pizzas.

We are welcoming 6 participants to join us for three days of hands-on education. The participation fee is $250. This includes a lunch each day and an evening pizza meal on one of the days.

About JD – accomplished local potter and instructor, JD and his partner Megan operate Maine Prairie Studio near Kimball, MN. This is a return trip to the Avon Hills Folk School and we have several more experiences planned with JD for 2021.

*Camping on-site is a possibility – contact us at to register and inquire about camping.

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